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Trying new things.

Over the past two years I've primarily stuck to painting in lovely, but messy oils. I don't usually complain much about them, but due to their longdrying nature, and the wonderful odour that the mediums give off (looking at you turpentine) I have to paint them in my studio. Now usually I'd never complain, as it's my own creative space. However as the weather has gotten colder, and the wintery weather draws in, I've found it incredibly difficult to get the courage to go outside and paint.

So what have I chosen to do, to over come this you ask? Well I've decided to treat myself to some watercolours, and hopefully fairly soon, some Guache paints.

I chose watercolour over acrylics for one basic reason. I wanted to.

I've a wealth of experience using acrylic, and as much as I love it's ridiculously agile nature, I just wanted something new, and something I really didn't understand.

So far I've managed to play about with the watercolours, and use up nearly all of the white (I'd a misshap with the paintbrush)

But I'm really enjoying how things are progressing, and how I'm learning to understand the delicate nature of watercolour, something I'm not at all used to whilst using my palette knife to sprawl on oil.

I will obviously keep my Instagram and Facebook updated with some recent pieces, but here's some examples of todays studies.

(Ps the one is available to purchase, the other may be too if I change my mind)

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