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Wow I made a post

If you couldn't tell by now, I'm absolutely dreadful at remembering to make actual blog posts.

It's just one of those things that slip my mind...

Aaaaanyways, I thought I'd do an update on all things going on with Ash®.

First and foremost I've finally managed to insulate my studio! This means I'm not terrified of going in there out if fear of freezing to death at night.

The process was a real slog in the end. Multiple things seemed to go wrong, and then I couldn't find wood panels to fit the length of my roof!

Alas it's mostly done now, and all that's left is a bit of painting, and to add some character!

As my studio was getting it's big over haul, I thought I'd also over haul my website!

I've removed a lot of the bloat that made navigating the site a bit of a chore on slow internet.

I'll soon be adding a mailing list option to the site, when I work out how to actually do this properly!

(I looked, panicked, and made a cup of tea instead)

On the painting side of things, I've actually done a fair bit of work! But I've not really shared it. This is because I'm trying to change the way I show my artwork.

I don't want to be taking photos of a very wet oil, letting of more sheen than my face after a brisk jog.

Instead I'm allowing the paintings to dry, and getting the best photos of them that I can!

Regular posting on the socials is very very much imminent, so I hope you're excited for paintings of random Welsh and west country landscapes!!?!?

Anyways, thank you for reading if you managed to get this far. I promise to be a teeny bit more punctual with my blog posts. But if you follow me on social media, you'll know half of my posts are essentially blogs...

Cheers, Ash

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