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An original acrylic on board, 8x12”

So I watched another Van Gogh biopic this week… obviously it had the effect it always does, and inspired me to paint!

However, with my studio out of action because of the cold (and now mold) i was forced in to using acrylic.

That in causes a big issue! Acrylic tends to sit so much flatter than oil, so it would be very hard to create the same feel as Van Gogh’s texture full and charismatic paintings, with the flat nature of acrylic.

Luckily I had some medium that’s meant to give acrylic a structure similar to oil…

It kinda did, but it also caused the paint to dry so quickly, that I wasn’t able to soften the brush marks in a way I’d like to.

So the painting took far longer than I’d usually spend on a piece of this size!

However I’m really happy with how it turned out, and I’m glad I persevered with it!

But I’ll be glad to be back on the oils during my plein air study on Wednesday, that’s for sure!

Through Vincent’s eyes

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