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A new project

I don't think I've ever set myself a particular project outside of education. As an artist I've always worked very impulsively, and painted whatever I felt like. However, given that lockdown is likely to end soon, I thought this would be a prime time to begin work on a project that I could exhibit in a gallery. I thought, and researched for a fair few days, but nothing really shot out at me. At first I thought about creating something that shows my opinions of life in lockdown, but the idea didn't fill me with excitement. I then elected to look at the Black lives matter movement, and perhaps creating work for that. But I felt as though that would be far too much like I was riding the movement for my own gain. At a somewhat loss, I sat and browsed through my instagram. Looking at my old photos, and my memories of Aberystwyth, and my time in University. These memories hit a real sweet spot with me, and I found myself conjuring up ideas, and plans within minutes. With this basic framework of an idea in mind, I realised that I'd need a name for this project. I glared at my phones screen for a few brief moments, and one word filled my mind. Hiraeth.

This famous Welsh word perfectly describes the emotion I felt when I was viewing those memories. I've been back to Aberystwyth many times since graduation. But of course, it doesn't feel the same. There's a slight lingering sadness, a feeling of loss I suppose. The memories that I had of the place, and my opinion of the town is something that only I have experienced. I hope to create a series of four large canvased paintings, 20x20 inches in size. Each painting will look to highlight and encapsulate a different part of my experience in Aberystwyth. There will be no set style, instead each piece will look to embody the emotion of the memory. I am hopeful to complete this series within a month. But am permitting as much time as I need, to properly create these works. Upon completion, I will be attempting to create an online gallery with the finished paintings, along with studies, and stories behind the memories. If it is at all possible, after this lockdown ends, I will be looking to exhibit this series in a gallery, hopefully based in Aberystwyth.

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